What is Nice Photography:
If a decade of working in education has taught me anything it's that children are always at their most interesting when allowed to be themselves. 
That's why when it comes to photography, I've always felt the best images are always discovered as opposed to directed. 
Whether it's playing in the garden or at the beach, or simply enjoying family time at home. The simple act of living life, wherever that may be uncovers a spectrum of tiny sparks that make a person's character and turns photos into cherished memories. 
That's what Nice photography is all about! Unposed, natural photography of kids just living life and having fun, what more do you need?
Who is Nice Photography:
Hi I'm Kevin.  I've been shooting professionally for just over 15 years now.  I began as a music photographer, travelling the world shooting events and portraits.  While that was a truly unforgettable experience, the downside was that the fun wasn't always as grand as the fee so I supplemented my downtime with a super rewarding career in special education. 
Fast forward to today and I'm a full-time, award-winning street and documentary photographer. I'm hugely grateful to have carved out a successful photo career but nothing quite matches the energy, originality and fun that comes from working with children.  That is why I created Nice Photography. 
Nice combines my award-winning photography and commercial portrait experience with a decade of working with children of all ages, characters and needs*.

* Autism and Special Education Needs
As well as mainstream TA work I spent many happy years as an Advanced Teaching and Learning Assistant working in a fabulous school for autism.  There I worked across all age ranges from Reception to 6th Form both in class and one to one with students with both ASD and additional behavioural needs.   I would therefore be delighted to work with children who may find the traditional photoshoot challenging.  Throughout the years I've seen every behaviour under the sun and am totally unfazed by even the most lively or reserved characters.   For no extra charge I can spend more time prior to shooting, building up confidence around myself, the camera and the process so every child can end up enjoy it. 

DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) - copy available on request
Full COVID19 Vaccination - documentation available on request

Awards & Commendations 

Grey Cube Gallery - City art Show 2021 - Honourable Mention
Chromatic Awards 2020 - 1st Prize
Grey Cube Gallery - City art Show 2020 - Merit Award
Love in London 2020 - Winner in "Love Your Animals"
ND awards 2019 -  Honourable Mention in Special: Street Photography Category
2019 Chromatic Awards - Honourable Mention in "Culture"
Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2018 "Street Seen" - 3rd Place, 4th Place and Commended
Golden Orchid International Art Festival 2015 - Third Prize Series Winner
EPOTY 2011 (Environmental Photographer of the Year) - Highly commended
Guardian "Our Lives" competition 2006 - Category Winner "Our Culture"

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