Here you can find answers to some commonly asked questions:
What is 'documentary portraiture'?
Documentary portraiture is a way of shooting that doesn't involve set up shots, lights or poses. Everything is shot as it happens with real emotions and more honest moments. Just like a nature documentary but with humans :)
What locations are best for a shoot?
Unlike a studio shoot,  a documentary-style shoot is about real life and so the location can really be anywhere from a day at the zoo,  a trip to a local park or even just having family time at home.  That said, having something for your child/children to do often makes for more natural images because they won't focus so much on the camera. The older the child/children, the more likely they are to be self-conscious and so a distraction can often be helpful.   
What areas do you cover?
We currently cover London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Other areas are happily considered though a travel fee may be required.
What if my child suddenly doesn't like being photographed?
In my many years of experience doing documentary school photography, I've met plenty of children who have anxieties about the camera.  I haven't met a child I haven't won around eventually and have a number of tried and tested ideas to help. You'd be surprised how many end up really enjoying it! I'm also more than happy to spend extra time helping to warm up to the idea.  The handy thing with documentary portraiture is that I don't require my young collaborators to do anything other than be themselves and so often I end up going unnoticed. 
Can you accommodate children with special needs?
Yes absolutely!  I spent over ten years working with SEN children in both mainstream and special school environments and feel more than comfortable working with kids who may have more complex needs.  My main area of focus was autism and additional behavioural needs so would be thrilled to meet and work with young friends on the spectrum. And don't worry about the occasional outburst I've seen it all believe me :)
Is there a deposit to pay?
A 50% deposit is required to secure a date.  You will receive an agreement prior to the shoot which outlines more information on cancellation as well as refunds.
Do my images have to be used on social media?
Using examples from my sessions on my site and social media is a large part of how I promote my work to other prospective parents and make a living,  but I totally understand that may be something that some parents find uncomfortable.  If you have specific reservations about images being used simply let me know and we can arrange a happy solution that suits everyone.  

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